25:1 Kratom Pure Extract Powder – Mitragyna speciosa (STRONG)


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Potent Premium 25:1 Pure Kratom Extract Powder РMitragyna speciosa  25:1



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7 reviews for 25:1 Kratom Pure Extract Powder – Mitragyna speciosa (STRONG)

  1. SHAWN

    i took one teaspoon (approx. 3 grams) and it has a big relaxant effect. I then combined with the green maeng da and it’s a energy/euphoric effect.

  2. shawn

    So far the customers who have tried it like it. I put about 5 grams with 5 grams of regular powder and it satisfies my wanting of euphoric feelings. It also makes the effects last a little longer.
    For the price no one can complain, considering almost every other site is selling some form of extract for more than a dollar a gram.
    This extract is just as good or better than the more expensive extract I have tried from other vendors.

  3. james m (verified owner)

    great value really is 20-25 times the potency of regular kratom . does seem to be a little bit less euphoric than regular kratom but for half the price well worth it. has a acidic burnt taste to it that mixes great with coffee or orange juice or lemonade. if you don’t have a scale be careful it is a lot denser than regular kratom so you usually take more than you think your taking

  4. Wes K.

    With the price, I anticipated a low end extract. Well I guess you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. 1 gram and within 10 minutes I experienced a good clean burn. Well worth the price. I’ll definitely be ordering more. Thank you Kratom Deal!

  5. Roger (verified owner)

    Great quality extract, arrived in a few days after ordering, one gram mixed with 14 or so grams of powder makes it more than twice as strong.

  6. Jeff McAllister (verified owner)

    This is a great product, however you need to dissolve it in warm water and a squirt of lemon. WOW what an amazing product!!

  7. David (verified owner)

    Awesome product got me feeling exactly as i wanted! thanks kratom deal love you guys for real!!!

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