Kratom Deal is a premium producer of the highest quality wholesale bulk kratom powder you can find at the most competitive prices. We are connoisseurs in preserving the highest alkaloid content of our leaves by taking great care to select only the best from the start and then properly curing the organic leaves in well ventilated and hygienic dry rooms out of the sun. Once dry we further only select the quality green leaves and discard about 25% of the rest that does not meet our standards. These leaves are then crushed by hand to remove all stems before grinding them into a fine powder. Once in a powder we an additional step other vendors do not do. By filtering the powder through different sieves we remove large amounts of fibrous material to leave a significantly more fine and dense concentration of beautifully aromatic fresh product. To maintain ultimate freshness we package the powder right away into dry bags and give a final injection of nitrogen gas to stop any oxidation. When you open your package the freshness and aroma is very uplifting.

Kratom Deal was founded to provide reasonably priced Kratom that maintains consistent quality throughout the Kratom community. Between the various websites on the Internet and the random packaged Kratom you find in headshops around you, it makes it somewhat difficult to determine what the best Kratom is. Luckily for you, Kratom Deal does all the hard work for you. We have tested over 100 strains from several farmers over the past couple of years to find the best Kratom with the highest alkaloid content on the planet. If a strain comes in that does not pass our qualifications for freshness and quality (simply by appearance, smell, and feel), it gets thrown away. It will NEVER be sold to our customers. If it doesn’t smell, feel or look right, chances are, it isn’t!

How can I pay?

Payments can be made easily by using Zelle, Venmo, Bitcoin, CashApp, Check, Money Order, COD, or Wire Transfer

As much as we would like to accept your CREDIT CARD payment, there is a major attack on the kratom industry and they will not do business with kratom companies at this time.

All payments must be made through the mail with a PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Money Order, Cash, Certified Check, Bitcoin, or Wire Transfer. Please send payment along with your order # to our address, your order will ship as soon as payment has been received. if you have any questions please email us info@kratomdeal.com thank you for your business.


By purchasing Kratom powder or any product related to Kratom from our
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not intended for human consumption. They are sold as a bulk botanical
with no directions or claims of use. These statements and products have
not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. You understand
that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or
prevent any disease.

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