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Our herbs and extracts come from various parts of the world where the most natural harvesting methods are used. This care enables sustainable growth for both the plant and the regional farmers from where it grows. We give back to the farmers and the sellers in the communities to enable long-term beneficial growth for those regions.

This is a very rare 100:1 Kanna ExtractDetails: Kanna is an herb that originated in South Africa and..
Ingredients: 150mg Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) extract 100:1, 350mg Hemp protein powder i..
Aloe has been shown to support gastrointestinal integrity and function.Details: Aloe has been s..
Ingredients: Boswellia Extract and White Willow Bark ExtractDetails: Our Joint Formula is ..
Buzz Brownzzz Energy Supplement Brownie (2 Servings per Brownie) Feeling tired, stressed, or run-do..
½ Baked Brownzzz Relaxation Supplement Brownie (2 Servings per Brownie) Feeling stressed, anxious, ..

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